From Negative to Positive

01 May

How I Used Improv Shift My Thoughts from Negative to Positive in Seconds

by Marlene Dillon, author of I’m Proud to Be Natural Me!

If you’ve read my post Scared Great, you know that last year I took an improv class that changed my life, called the Fear ExperimentUsing the concept behind an awesome improv game, that was taught to me and my peers by the amazing Pete Aiello, I switched a totally self-defeating thought into an empowering one by correcting myself with a better thought/perspective. 

In the game “Should’ve Said”, the actor has to change their last statement for a better one every time the moderator says, “should’ve said.” For example, “I’m so glad we’re skiing in the Alps!” (“Should’ve said.”) “I’m so glad we’re skiing in the Bahamas!” (“Should’ve said.”) “I’m so glad we’re skiing down this mountain of spaghetti!” The crowd laughs. The moderator is satisfied. The actor continues his story.

So the other day, I (unintentionally) swapped “should’ve said” for “should’ve thought” and totally changed my perspective from negative to positive in like 5 seconds! For example, “My boss gets on my nerves.” (should’ve thought) “My boss is irritating.” (should’ve thought) “My boss is providing me with A LOT of great reasons to go back and get my degree.” and so on… By simply swapping out the negative statement for a more empowering one, you can switch from positive to negative in seconds. Try it! Hope this helps you!

If it works for you, please share your story below!

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