Season Reason or A Lifetime

19 May

Sometimes our seasons last so long simply because of the meaning we place on them. Things that could be temporary endure far beyond their intended time because we hold on to them with our beliefs.

When we learn to just state the facts and find the blessings in each season, we may find that we will pass through some seasons so quickly.

Here are some common “seasons” that we may hold on to unnecessarily:

1. My whole family is overweight so I’m probably always gonna be fat.

2. All the women on my my dad’s side of the family are diabetics so I will likely have it, too.

3. The economy is really bad so this is gonna be a really bad season for my business.

4. I am knocking on 40 and still haven’t found ‘Mr. Right” so I’m probably never gonna get married.

The truth is that the first part of the sentence may be a fact, but the last part of each of these statements is merely an opinion. Just as much as the expected projection could be true, a whole different truth that was not predicted could be possible if we don’t put that meaning on the facts. These could be just as easily true:

1. My whole family is overweight, so I am very committed to healthy eating and working out. I am going to change the course of my family’s health and wellness.

2. “All the women on my dad’s side of the family are diabetics, so I focus a lot of energy on wellness, exercise, and diet. I’m going to be the exception to the rule.”

3. “They say the economy is really bad right now so I am looking for ways to offer my customers more value at a lower cost.”

4. “I am knocking on 40 and single. I enjoy my own company and I’m open to meeting someone special.”


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