Reclaim Your Dream


My name is Marlene Dillon and is my blog where I share my personal stories and epiphanies. I created this blog in hopes that my experiences will possibly inspire or encourage someone else. My most recent post, Reclaim Your Dream, tells about my recent decision to return to school as a single mom and reclaim the dream I left behind years ago. So many have been encouraged by that post that I gained even greater determination to make my dream a reality! 🙂 When I first shared about my desire, I had no intention of doing a crowdfunding campaign or creating products to help pay for it! However, by sharing my story and hearing the feedback from so many readers, I realized how badly I really want to go back to school, and how inspiring it would be to allow others to partner with me in this effort! So, here it is…

I’ve created this page to give those who would love to support me multiple ways to do so. Below you will find various ways to support me, as I reclaim my dream and awesome products that I hope will encourage you to reclaim yours as well! Thank you in advance. Please use the links below to buy, give, and share!


Independent Mom Reclaim Your Dream Tees! (Various colors, sizes, & styles available!)

This design available on tees, tanks, hoodies, and more! Click for details.

Proceeds from these tees will go toward my fundraiser to return to school! Please buy; please share!

Please donate toward my FundRazr. I need to raise $4, 768.50 by December 1st (my application deadline for school). 

Maybe you can relate, maybe you gave up on your dream. Please support me as I stand in courage reclaiming mine.

Maybe you can relate, maybe you gave up on your dream. I am returning to school to reclaim mine. I really need your help. Please click the photo to give a gift toward my FundRazr.


If you were inspired by this post, please leave a comment. :)

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